Friday, 7 November 2008

Background: about the author

I should probably start with a bit about me (you can skip this bit if you like, but I'm writing it in case you want to understand my background).

Essentially, I'm a hobbyist programmer, having completed a few game projects purely for the pleasure of playing them, and from this (relatively light) experience, along with a view of game-playing starting from the days of Pong-alikes, hope that I might have something of interest to contribute to this blog. I do not consider myself to be a professional games programmer, as my commercial programming is limited to the business environment.

If you fancy a wander, my personal website here. You might think it unusual that I reveal that site: I'm not hiding my identity by working under a pseudonym, but essentially, there's nothing to be gained or lost by denying this link. If anything, it will help me to illustrate some of the points I'll write about.

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